Aug 7, 2014

Tore up the carpet

Underneath the carpet we discovered...
More carpet

Newspaper from May 12th, 1943

Snazzy linoleum

Jul 20, 2014

Our $7,000 House

This is the house God gave us.
We paid cash, so no debt, and we're going to work on it little by little.

The bones are still good.
But the insides need some work.

Apr 25, 2014


We are getting wood ready for next winter.

This is our pirate ship.

Spring is here.

Finally walked to the top of the hill.  (It's not that far.)

Apr 10, 2014


Until today I had not practiced the cello for almost a year.  
There are multiple reasons and excuses.  Some of them good, some of them not so much.

I played for 2 hours.
My left fingertips are still numb and my right shoulder might be sore tomorrow.

Exhausting and Exhilarating

The notes in a song that make me smile, every time, even when I mess them up, they are like a good-natured shove from the shoulder of a laughing friend.  
It makes me want to shove back and skip on, sometimes slowly, balancing on an edge of notes, and sometimes running pell-mell, simply having fun, even if I trip and fall.

Mar 17, 2014

Maunderings and Wanderings

I recall reading somewhere, I believe it was C. S. Lewis, in his book Mere Christianity, but I could be wrong, of all flesh being removed and our souls standing naked before God.   
What will the soul look like when the burdens of the flesh are lifted?  
Have those we look down upon borne their trials more gracefully than we would have done if they were placed upon our shoulders?
What will our soul look like?  
What if, because have not the same woes to humble and sharpen us, our souls are weak, almost petty with no substance?  
What if we, having been given much, have not given all that was required of us?
N. D. Wilson writes that life is to be spent, every last drop wrung out.  
What if you were given money but told you could not keep it?  
What would you do with it?
Isn't that our position?
What if you were given life, but told you cannot keep it?

How have you spent your life?
How did you spend your yesterday?
How will you spend your tomorrow?

Mar 7, 2014

A place of our own

Spring officially starts in 13 days.
The farm seems smaller (and the house bigger) now that the weather is warmer.
Warm enough to walk anywhere.
The wind is blowing from the South now so the pipe is whistling its low tune again.

My husband and I are looking for a farm of our own.
Nothing found yet.
But plenty of dreams being founded.